Inspiration for naming the petite 4oz "Bentley Burger" offered on the 2018 menu for the trailer.
Lauren and her nephew Bentley celebrating Canada Day in the summer of 2017 watching the fire works at Station Beach in Kincardine.

My mission as an entrepreneur is to bring together as many of the local businesses that I can by supporting their products, and using these ingredients for my menu. I will use the Cheesy Monkii as a tool to mandate and celebrate local business, and support as many community events as we can handle each season. The service received from the staff at the Cheesy Monkii will always be of top quality, in a professional, kind, and enthusiastic manner.

The food served from the Cheesy Monkii will always be locally sourced, hormone free, hand crafted, and prepared promptly.

Local on the outside
Local on the inside
Pure Monkii Business

The current external view of the Monkii

The current internal view of the Monkii