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This is my first Blog post, I want to talk about what people expect from a food truck! When I am stationed at the Pine River Cheese Factory I would like to include a manageable amount of variety to satisfy the cravings of my regular customers, as well as provide a lunch that is unique to the area. During events, I want to provide the same quality I always offer from my trailer, from a restricted menu to provide optimum service at a higher speed. What do you think? What’s the best thing you’ve ever had from a mobile vendor? What do you want to see come to our community in terms of mobile food?

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  1. Dodging bad weather we landed in Kincardine.. We ended up grabbing some grub at the Cheesey Monkii. Great food, fair prices, large portions! Friendly service!!! We ate the crunchy quesadillas.. 10/10!


    Premier Air Parts Team

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